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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

  • Functional Behavior Assessment

  • Skills Assessments

  • Skill Acquisition Programming

  • Behavior Intervention Plan Development with ongoing training on implementation 

  • Parent and Caregiver Training

  • Specialized treatments for self-injurious behaviors and / or physical aggression

  • Development of programming to address Toileting / Activities of Daily Living challenges

Spring blue forget-me-nots flowers, past


  • As a stand alone service or in combination with ABA for parents, siblings, and caregivers

  • Young adults, teens, and children of all ages

  • Attachment Based Play Therapy

  • Sand Tray Therapy

If you are seeking a safe space to process your feelings and wanting to identify new ways to connect and ignite change in your life and relationships, the work is waiting to be done.  

Yoga Class

Yoga & Yoga Therapy

I am a certified yoga teacher.  Experience yoga geared to your individual needs.

  • Private 1:1 instruction

  • Yoga class for you and your friends 

  • Try it for your next “ Mom's Night In”

  • Enjoy a yoga class with your peers and colleagues at your next team building event

  • Yoga Therapy and Meditation

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